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Best herds rigorously selected to provide higher quality to the final product

Highly standardized products

We have a careful carcass typification process and selection of cuts, resulting in highly standardized products

Fast and agile logistics

Fast and agile logistics so that our products are always delivered fresh

Quality has a name

Product line

Custom meat house!

Customize your butcher shop!

Request our contact and take the quality of the Sulbeef product line to your butcher shop or market. Also have your personalized meat house. Contact us and learn more!

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Sulbeef has been operating since 1998 and preserves the values ​​of its parent company, Fuga S/A, in operation since 1947.

FRIGOSUL - Frigorifico Sul Ltda, commercially known as SULBEEF, is a family-owned company founded on 01/07/1998 and stands out as a renowned player in the internationally recognized beef production sector. As part of the FUGA SA group, FRIGOSUL preserves the values and tradition of its parent company. With a trajectory spanning nearly a century, we have been driving the growth and development of new businesses in the animal protein and sustainable derivatives food chain. Our diversified and vertically integrated company has expanded its scope to include segments such as meats, recycling of animal by-products, biofuel, and agribusiness. Serving both domestic and international markets, we have earned credibility through the establishment of solid and enduring strategic partnerships. As a result, we are committed to fostering sustainable growth while striving to enhance the quality of life for individuals.

Quality has a name!
Find out why Sulbeef is a reference


Our cattle purchasing department carefully selects the best herds with quality animals, providing the best final product.


We have a careful selection process for cuts, resulting in highly standardized products.


Quality Control Procedure. It includes certifications such as: GMP, PPHO and HACCP.


Another big differential is the fast delivery. Thus, the products are always delivered fresh.

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