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Gran Reserva Line

British breed steer cuts, with high quality standards, tenderness and juiciness guaranteed by the presence of superior marbling and finishing.

• Premium products;
• Selection of British Hereford and Angus steers and their crosses from the fields of Rio Grande do Sul;
• Intended for the retail and professional segments (transformers and food service);
• Typed and well-trimmed carcasses, certified by sulbeef quality assurance;
• Greater softness, flavor and juiciness;
• Chilled bone cuts, valid for 15 days if stored at 0°C to 7°C;
• Vacuum-packed boneless products with a shelf life of 60 days if stored at 0°C to 7°C;
• Frozen with shelf life of 12 months if stored at -12°c;
• Boxes with 15 to 25 kg

• Loyalty of demanding customers;
• Added value with higher average ticket;
• Self-service items ready for consumer preparation;
• Fresh meat with less juice;
• Greater durability on the counter;
• Better butchery yield;
• Production and delivery process with an agile sales system, from the factory directly to the point of sale.

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