Quality and Sustainability

We are passionate about Agribusiness and with this passion comes our commitment to take its production to the best markets in Brazil and the world. In addition, we base the purchase of cattle on a partnership between producers and buyers, which are as follows: pillars:

- Transparency
- Respect for animals and the environment
- Reliability and Security
- Lasting Relationship

Come be our partner and sell your cattle with us!

Animal welfare

We follow all procedures of the Animal Welfare Program from shipment to handling in the slaughterhouse in order to ensure that the cattle are transported and handled in the best conditions. In this program, in addition to reducing animal and human stress, we aim to obtain a qualified and assured final product, minimizing possible damages that affect commercialization and possible losses in the value of the raw material.

- Free from fear and anguish
- Free from pain, suffering and disease
- Free from hunger and thirst
- Free from discomfort
- Free to express their natural behavior


In our production system, we are careful to guarantee our suppliers the best performance, avoiding waste and damage in the process.

For a better use of the raw material, we are concerned with using carcass classification and typification tools that are strictly controlled. This way we guarantee a greater appreciation of the animal and the producer!

*SulBeef seeks suppliers aligned with its values, so that together they can build a lasting partnership that delivers high-quality meat to our customers.

Leather Valuation

In addition to meat, other by-products make up the amount paid for the bovine arroba. Among them we highlight leather, a product of great importance for us and for Fuga Couros. To obtain greater appreciation of the leather of your herd, we highlight some important precautions:

- Pay attention to the fences;
- Non-use of stingers and dogs in cattle handling;
- Beware of Parasites;
- Keep the pastures always clean;
- Attention to the corrals;
- Fire marking;
- Practice dehorning cattle;
- Balanced diet;
- Transport care

Buy Cattle

Talk to our buyers:

Aparecida do Taboado

BR 158 Highway KM 152 – Rural Area – Ap. do Taboado-MS - Brazil – CEP: 79570-000
WhatsApp: (67) 99142- 9811
E-mail: [email protected]

Várzea Grande

Rua dos Papagaios, S/N - Jardim dos Passaros - Rural Area - Várzea Grande - MT - Brazil - CEP: 78110 -002
WhatsApp: (65) 99283- 8206
E-mail: [email protected]

Aparecida D’oeste

Municipal Road Aparecida d'Oeste to Marinópolis, S/N - Ap. d'Oeste - SP - CEP: 15735-000
WhatsApp: (17) 98162- 7879
E-mail: [email protected]

Vila Maria

Rua Benjamin Constant, 101 - Centro - Vila Maria - RS - Brasil - CEP: 99155-000
WhatsApp: (54) 99142- 5605
E-mail: [email protected]

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