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Environmental Policy

SulBeef is committed to producing quality meat with environmental responsibility, controlling the impacts of its activities, complying with current legislation and seeking continuous improvement in the use of natural resources, especially water, and in preventing pollution.

Sustainable Commitment

We publicly announce our commitment to eliminate the acquisition of cattle originating in protected areas of the Amazon Biome, as well as other areas of illegal deforestation.

We are intensifying our efforts to ensure full traceability of the source of purchase of cattle in our supply chain. By implementing strict purchasing protocols and using advanced tools, we fully monitor 100% of purchases from direct suppliers. This transparency and control allows us to ensure that all cattle purchased have a sustainable and responsible origin.

Additionally, we are actively working in partnership with sector entities to achieve full traceability of the origin of cattle in our supply chain, with a target of December/2025. This is a challenging action, which transcends individual action and involves several other sectoral entities and government.

This collaboration is essential to strengthening industry standards, promoting transparency and sustainability throughout the supply process.

Our company recognizes the fundamental responsibility to preserve the environment and contribute to a sustainable future. We are committed to meeting our goals, maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with our suppliers, customers, entities and communities. We will continue to share our progress and plans to achieve this important mission.

Actions in progress:

• Hiring a company specialized in developing programs and procedures for full traceability - Status: in progress

• Hiring a company to prepare a Corporate Sustainability Report - Forecast: second half of 2024.


Renewable energy

The business group Fuga S/A has a biodiesel production unit, standing out in the relentless pursuit of preserving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. Generating 350,000 carbon credits annually, the company produces biofuels from raw material of animal origin (beef tallow) and vegetable origin (soybean oil). Every drop of eco-friendly fuel created is a firm step towards a greener and more sustainable future for all.

In addition to biodiesel production, the group also has 5 plants that produce biogas, obtained from organic waste generated at the units. This initiative transforms the waste generated into thermal energy, providing feedback to its own operations. It is the perfect example of how caring for the environment is an intrinsic mission of the company, not just a passing trend. Each heat generated by this biogas is a tangible demonstration that it is possible to build a cleaner and more efficient world when innovation and purpose go hand in hand.

The sustainability actions of the Fuga group are driven by a greater purpose: to lead by example and promote a truly sustainable business approach. These are actions that go far beyond mere corporate responsibility; they are the materialization of deeply rooted values, of a genuine desire to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Raw Material Traceability

SulBeef employs socio-environmental monitoring tools to ensure compliance with its processes across its facilities.

Through digitally updated platforms, SulBeef registers, analyzes, and monitors the socio-environmental aspects of its direct suppliers in any agribusiness production chain in Latin America.

The system employed facilitates the storage and control of all relevant environmental and land documents, making them available for consultation and download at any time. The platform is entirely adaptable to any territory, culture, or legality protocol, fully meeting market needs.

SulBeef guarantees through the platform that 100% of the slaughtered animals come from farms that adhere to fourteen (14) socio-environmental protocols, including:

  • Dirty List of Slave Labor – MTE
  • Illegal Deforestation List – LDI-PA
  • Rural Environmental License
  • Indigenous Lands
  • List of Embargoed Areas – IBAMA
  • Conservation Units


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