Manifest Fuga

We are children of a dream of our late patriarch José Fuga, who left as a legacy seeds that have been fructifying for more than 70 years. They germinate and multiply, producing fruit in a continuous cycle from generation to generation. The dreams of yesterday and today have in common the strong values disseminated in the origin, present and clearly consolidated in the environments and relationships we have with everyone.

After seven decades, it is very easy to understand the first and greatest difference in our history: "An unchanging culture of humility, respect for others, and personal determination, characterized by equality and harmony among family, managers, employees, and everyone around us. We are characterized by singleness and loyalty, which are part of our values, making up our DNA and competitive differential.

Often, corrections have been necessary to get through bad weather and protect the business from major damages. It was thus, with fearlessness, a mark of our founder, that we verticalized the business in the food chain, seeking to ensure the supply of raw material, which allowed for a leap in growth.

We will fulfill our mission with a lot of passion and pride in carrying forward a legacy, which went from a modest tannery, built from an ideal and entrepreneurial vocation of our visionary patriarch, to more than 20 business units, adding up to more than 3,000 employees, present in several Brazilian states and abroad.

We are moving towards our centennial in perfect harmony among generations, with the third generation ready to manage the business and the fourth arriving with the firm purpose and commitment to:

- To win admiration with the market and to be recognized as a loyal and long-term partner, always considered as an interesting commercial option, with effective potential for profitable and sustainable business;

- Maintaining, above all, with all partners - customers, suppliers, representatives, service providers, and employees - fair and balanced relationships that are an opportunity for growth and fraternal coexistence, as befits a large family;

- To create prosperity side by side with our partners, having discernment and focus to improve the quality of life and promote the well-being of the people who consume our sustainable products;

- To be a propeller of progress and happiness in communities where we are established;

. To maintain the position of a healthy and sustainable organization, which defies the Brazilian statistics and beyond the border of the few family companies that go through the times, the so-called "made to last" ones.